Founded as an alternative to the highly priced, impersonal notary public associations available in the U.S. today, we’re a new kind of nonprofit—a supportive, resourceful, and comprehensive notary membership society that was made with you in mind. Our team is passionate about supporting the existing notary community while also helping everyday people gain access to the educational materials and tools they need to become notaries as well. We want to guide careers, build businesses, and contribute to success all over the country.


As an association, we value honesty, integrity, and transparency, working to be a new kind of membership organization that isn’t about personal profit. We supply all of our research publicly, maintaining a totally open association structure that is transparent at every level. As a non-profit association, we believe in integrity, working for our members, and the betterment of the notary community, first and foremost.


We’re on a mission to serve the U.S. notary community-all 4.5 million notaries currently appointed in our country today. We believe the more notaries are connected and put into contact with our community, the more successful they are going to be in their individual roles. Communities foster engagement and communication between parties, encouraging members to connect and augment their personal experience moving forward.


The United States Notary Association is committed to serving all American notaries and their clients throughout the United States with researched recommendations regarding educational materials, courses, and supplies, creating an accessible community that underscores professional standards of excellence to elevate the position countrywide.