Notary supplies

While it’s less common to find entirely free notary supplies, there are some instances where you might obtain them without direct cost:

  1. Employer or Organization: If you’re a notary employed by a company or organization, they may provide you with the necessary supplies as part of your job responsibilities. Some employers cover the cost of notary supplies for their employees who serve as notaries.
  2. United States Notary Association Memberships: our association offer free or discounted notary supplies as a benefit of membership. While membership fees may apply, the supplies could be included as part of the membership package.
  3. Local Government or Agencies: In some cases, local government offices or agencies may offer notary supplies to commissioned notaries within their jurisdiction. This could include items such as notary thumbprint pads or journals.
  4. Promotional Offers: Occasionally, notary supply companies or vendors may run promotions or giveaways that offer free notary supplies to eligible participants. These promotions may require you to sign up for a service, attend a webinar, or meet other criteria.

While it’s possible to find notary supplies at no cost through these avenues, it’s essential to ensure that the supplies you obtain meet the legal requirements and standards for notarial acts in your jurisdiction. Additionally, be wary of any offers that seem too good to be true.