Alaska notary information
Contact Information

Notary Administrator
Kady Levale
877-764-1234 toll free in Alaska



Applicants must be 18 years of age and residents of Alaska who are legally in the United States. Applicants may not within 10 years before the commission takes effect have been convicted of a felony or incarcerated for a felony conviction.

If you have ever had a Notary commission revoked or have been disciplined for Notarial misconduct in Alaska or any other jurisdiction please contact the office to discuss before submitting your application.

Types of Commissions
  1. Regular commissions
  2. Limited Governmental Notary commissions

The statutes allow both types of commissions to be held concurrently if you desire.

Term of Office

Regular commissions are issued for a four-year term and have a specific expiration date that must be included as part of every notarial certificate you complete.

Limited Governmental commissions are open ended and are active as long as the Notary remains employed by the governmental entity they were working for when they obtained the commission. Limited Governmental notaries will indicate that their notary commission expires “with office” on the completed notarial certificates.